International expantion

Our entrepreneurial spirit has led us to look beyond our borders and open markets abroad, managing to expand our business globally, offering products and services in a greater dimension than the domestic market and thus increasing our client portfolio. Grupo Farmacéutico has found in its international partners the best ally to spread its know-how and establish itself firmly, solidly and responsibly, consolidating its presence in countries such as LUXEMBOURG, BELGIUM, CZECH REPUBLIC AND SLOVAKIA. International expansion has been integrated into the character and values of Grupo Farmacéutico, becoming one of the main objectives of the company.

Do you want to be a distributor of our brands?

Grupo Farmacéutico has a network of distributors with presence in several continents and in continuous expansion. If you want more information about how to become a distributor of our brands, fill out this form and our sales team will contact you.

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Department of Foreign Trade
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