About us

Since 2004, Grupo Farmacéutico has been a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products for collaborator lines and its own brands for health and wellness care in Spain and Europe. Always maintaining our innovative and sustainable spirit, we have strived to offer customers the best quality and products tailored to their needs. For this reason, we began to manufacture our own products, here in Spain, allowing us to fulfill the commitment of greater quality and production control. Thanks to the Internationalization Department and the ease of adaptation to the market, we currently distribute our products in Luxembourg, Belgium and China. We work with enthusiasm with our partners to break new ground in the rest of the world. Six are the own brands of Grupo Farmacéutico:
  • · New Comfort is a line of cosmetic skin care products.
  • · Physiorelax is a line of massage creams for muscle care.
  • · Mentolplus is a line of menthol balms and caramels.
  • · Sloan is a line of massage creams for muscles and ligaments.
  • · Physiocare Mobility is a line of products for rehabilitation.
  • · Microgen Protect is a line of personal and household disinfection products.
Rest of products that we commercialize:

Sustainable development

We are convinced that we can only continue to grow if we operate in harmony with the environment, which is why we encourage the efficient use of resources and recycling at every step of the production and distribution of our products. On the one hand, we work to minimize the use of plastic in our products. That is why we have replaced the plastic in our packaging with cardboard, which has led to a reduction of up to 60% in CO2 and oil emissions. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. On the other hand, we share the WHO initiative to prevent people's exposure to lead, which is why we make sure that the paints in our packaging do not contain lead. Lastly, we have started an awareness project with the pharmaceutical sector, promoting the use of ecological merchandising, such as paper bags instead of plastic ones.

Social commitment

We believe that companies are an important social engine for change. The individual sum of our actions generates a great social impact and we must do our bit to create wealth around us. For this reason, Grupo Farmacéutico is proud and is especially sensitive to organizations and social actions that seek to transform the environment and make our world a better place. We will continue supporting the events that fight against inequality and diseases that affect so many families in our country and in the world. In addition, we have started a project in Senegal to promote sports in children, sending equipment and doing leisure activities.